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What to Wear at a Cocktail Lounge in Boston

what to wear to cocktail lounge alibi boston ma

Alibi Bar in Boston, MA, is a cocktail lounge like no other! If you’ve never been here before and are curious about what to wear, we’ve answered all of our most frequently asked questions. Continue reading to learn what to wear at a cocktail lounge in Boston!

Understanding the Dress Code

Like many Boston nightlife establishments, Alibi Bar & Lounge maintains a dress code to uphold its ambiance. As outlined in our FAQs, the dress code is straightforward. We expect you to be impeccably dressed. No athletic wear, jerseys, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or hats. Gentlemen are required to wear pants and closed-toe shoes. And please, no Crocs!

Cocktail Lounge Chic: What to Wear

While each cocktail lounge may have a unique vibe, the general rules for dressing in Boston's cocktail scene remain relatively consistent. Whether heading to Alibi Bar & Lounge or another renowned spot in the city, embracing cocktail lounge chic is always a safe bet. You can attend in a blazer or a sleek cocktail dress; regardless, we accept all fashionable wear! 

Get Inspired by Checking Our Social Media

For those seeking inspiration or insight into what to wear, Alibi Bar & Lounge's social media platforms can provide you with outfit ideas. Browse through tagged photos or check out our posts to see what other visitors have worn during their nights out. 

Upcoming Events to Attend at Alibi

Beyond dressing to impress, Alibi Bar & Lounge offers different happenings to elevate your nightlife experience. From live music performances to themed parties, there's always something exciting happening at this iconic Boston hotspot. Keep an eye on our happenings page for upcoming events that pique your interest!

Live Music Nights in Boston, MA

Immerse yourself in Boston's vibrant music scene while showcasing your impeccable style at Alibi Bar & Lounge's live music nights. Whether you're a fan of contemporary music or want to listen to your favorite DJ, there’s something for everyone. 

Discover Themed Parties Upcoming This Month

Themed parties at Alibi Bar & Lounge provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and flair for fashion! Embrace the theme wholeheartedly with carefully curated ensembles that transport you to another era or world. Whether you're considering attending our blacklight party every third Friday of the month or our Mug Shot Paint Night, we have an event for everyone.

Contact Alibi for More Information

Adhering to Alibi Bar & Lounge’s dress code, embracing cocktail lounge chic, seeking inspiration from social media, and staying updated on upcoming happenings will ensure your night is unforgettable. For more information about our upcoming events or what to wear for a themed event, call (857) 241-1144 or submit a contact form online. We can’t wait to hear from you!