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Join Us for the Ultimate Blacklight Party at Alibi!

a sign lit up at night

Get ready to glow and dance the night away every month at Alibi's Blacklight Party! These electrifying nights are filled with neon lights and glowing vibes. The Blacklight Party at Alibi in Beacon Hill occurs every third Friday of the month. 

What is a Blacklight Party?

A blacklight party, also known as a glow-in-the-dark party, is an event where guests wear neon or fluorescent clothing that glows under black light. The room is generally illuminated with black lights emitting ultraviolet light, causing fluorescent objects and clothes to glow. The effect is achieved by adding fluorescent pigments to the clothing or body paint. At Alibi, we host the best blacklight party in Boston each month because Alibi is the perfect venue to immerse yourself in a world of pulsating beats and vibrant colors.

What to Wear at a Blacklight Party?

Get ready to experience a mesmerizing and visually captivating atmosphere like never before. To make the most out of this party, you should wear your brightest and most fluorescent outfit that will glow under the black light. You will be dancing to the hottest tracks, mixed by renowned DJs, while surrounded by a sea of vibrant colors that will leave you spellbound. Get ready to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience and have the time of your life.

Alibi's Upcoming Blacklight Party

Hosted every third Friday of the month, Alibi's next Blacklight Party will be on January 19th! In addition to letting loose on the dance floor under the fluorescent lights, consider arriving early to indulge in Alibi's delicious dinner menu and craft cocktails. Whether you plan on ordering light appetizers or full entrees, Alibi has a delightful selection to satisfy your cravings! Check out Alibi's full menu today and make a reservation to secure your table. Remember to capture unforgettable moments throughout the night with our dedicated photo booth, ensuring you have souvenirs to remember this epic night.

Make the Most of Your Friday Night at Alibi

Don't wait any longer; grab your friends and get ready to shine at the Blacklight Party at Alibi. The event promises to be a memorable night, with the crowd's energy igniting under the blacklights. So, come dance the night away, make unforgettable memories, and experience the ultimate party vibe. Admission to these events is free, but reserve your spot through our Eventbrite page HERE! We look forward to seeing you there.